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Astronomy, Computer Science, and Graphic Art

If you have a telescope, or even just a pair of binoculars, I urge you to get out there at night and take in the night sky. To help you get started, go to Astronomy Hints, where you can learn about some aspects of astronomy and cosmology, learn about different telescope types commonly used by amateur astronomers, learn a bit about astrophotography, and see lots of photographs of celestial objects taken with small telescopes. Images like the one at left of Lunar crater Eratosthenes, taken with an inexpensive Celestron web cam through a modest 60mm telescope.

If you have a computer and haven't yet experienced the indescribable power of open source Linux, I urge you to visit Linux Goodies. There you'll find articles about many of the utilities Linux provides, reviews of Linux planetarium programs, reviews and setup hints of several Linux window managers, and reviews of several matrix math languages available in Linux.

To try Linux with no impact on your current computer setup, consider Puppy Linux, which can boot up quickly and run effectively from a live CD.

If you already use Linux, consider taking the Linux Survey. It's a great way to add to a data base that provides informative statistics to any current or contemplative Linux user.

And if you get a kick out of science, math, or Linux theme t-shirts, I've designed a few. A sampling is shown below. Refreshing the page will show some different designs.

Get A Witty Science Theme or Humor T-Shirt, Mug, or Poster At

If You're A Writer

If you're a writer or student, I invite you to check out the reviews of some clever portable electronic keyboards. While many are no longer manufactured, they are still commonly available, and are still very handy. I often use my Alphasmart 3000 to compose the first draft of new web pages. You can review the Alphasmart Pro, an early design that helped start the trend for handy, ultra-portable keyboard devices. You can use such a device to take notes, work on writing assignments, write articles, or even begin your next novel.

I've also reviewed a newer Alphasmart 3000, a portable keyboard device with enhanced features. With the 2000 and newer models, you have more editing features and more memory to make word processing more portable than ever.

Check out the review of the Quickpad, another entry into the portable word processing competition. The Quickpad has a different philosophy than the Alphasmart, and you may find its features more to your liking.

And if you're more of a reader than a writer, maybe you would find just what you're looking for with an electronic ebook reader. I have the ECTACO Jetbook reader, and have reviewed its features for your information.

If your reading includes science fiction, consider my novels, the The Evolution Of Oracle Dodd, and The Children Of Tau Ceti. Both are available in paperback and pdf format at Lulu.